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Facts & Figures: January Travel Budget Breakdown

Travel with Soul-Medmenham, England Adventures. Facts & Figures: January Travel Budget

Key to my travel budget breakdowns:
For accommodation, I’m housesitting so may not have a housing cost. If I pay, I may do a combination of hotel points and cash, or I use Airbnb. Accommodation can easily be your largest expense whether at home or on the road.  
Transportation includes buses, flights, gas for the odd car I may have access to, and in Asia, I’ve rented a motorbike before.
Groceries-I’m a vegetarian, so obvs no meat purchases are included. I’m mostly plant based, often buy protein powder, and sometimes buy meat alternatives. I also try to lay off the carbs. I pretty much buy the same stuff where possible. I also seek out budget grocers and farmer’s markets from country to country.
Miscellaneous is anything I have to go to a separate or specialty shop for, like hair or skincare products.
Business expenses are whatever I pay monthly for this site. I prepaid for much of it before I left the States.
Cash-I’m still actively using a points earning credit card where possible, but in some cases cash is needed to buy food or transportation usually.

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20 Ways You Can Take Action After a Black Life is Taken

Self-Love & Self-Care-Take Action When a Black Life is Taken

I know you’re tired. I know you’re hurt. I know you’re *at capacity* from the injustices that you’ve seen, experienced, could easily be you, or someone you know.

I know there’s  a lot of information pouring from everywhere and you’re not sure why you keep seeing the same situation. Different face.

I know you’re processing and still have everyday responsibilities and how difficult it is to see straight right now.

Overwhelm is how power is given/abdicated, versus asserted. Your power is your magic. 

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My Travel Routine

Travel with Soul-My Travel RoutineAs much as I’m addicted to change. I need a little self administered structure to keep myself balanced and present for my travels.

I’m experimenting with harnessing my most productive times, with the things that take more concentration and effort. Then I balance in the parts of my day that are automatic and take no willpower or thought. So here goes my travel routine!

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Travel As a Means to Redefine Blackness

Travel as a Means to Redefine Blackness | Asha Live Breathe Heal

Black travel is symbolic to me. Not just new experiences, enjoying a different place, symbolic. Symbolic because travel can mean for black folks of any generation evolution.

Figuring out how to travel off of your budget expands your perspective to help you see the possibilities for your life. It’s the next phase of “tryna to make a dollar out of fifteen cents,” which is making the most out of what you have, into intentionally creating the experiences you want in your life. And knowing that you have the power to do so.

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Why I Travel with a Menstrual Cup

Travel with Soul-Why I Travel with a Menstrual Cup

*Enter Adult Conversation*

I’m a tampon kind of lady. Well, I was until I read up on menstrual cups. Not sure how I came across them, but somewhere in my prep to be an international lady of leisure, I heard about them. When I’d gone to El Salvador and Jamaica back in 2010, I’d just packed a ton of multipack tampons. This time around, I don’t have that kind of space in my pack. So I went to my friend YouTube to see how women were responding to the cups and what brands were out and so forth.

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No Routine, No Work

Travel with Soul-No Routine, No Work

Not only does my travel routine give me familiarity, it helps me to do my work. It took me some time to experiment to get the rhythm right, but if I fail to do the seemingly unrelated things to my actual work, then the work don’t come. That’s been my experience. If I don’t eat well, drink tons of water, move my body, still myself from my overactive mind, and so forth, it’s physically impossible for me to craft a word. It’s hard to focus and be clear about sharing the information that only I can share without structure.

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