Liberated Life: An Intimate Chat with Rachel of Rachel Travels

Visionaries-Liberated Life Series
Liberated Life series gives you a glimpse into the various paths women have taken to be themselves and build location independent businesses. I hope you see yourself in these women. I hope you know you can overcome your obstacles and live a more fulfilling life. Right now.

Here’s our intimate chat with Rachel, from Rachel Travels. Enjoy!

Visionaries-Liberated Life series Rachel

AshLBH: Introduce yourself and your work.

Rachel: Hello everyone! I am Rachel, Travel Influencer + Blog Boss at, which is a travel blog dedicated to educating and inspiring Millennials and people of color to explore the world and push past their comfort zones, all while encouraging the idea that world travel does not have to be expensive!

The goal of the blog is to empower People of Color to look at travel as a necessity for growth and expansion, not as a luxury that is limited to some.Visionaries-Liberated Life series Rachel

AshLBH: What about traveling moves you?
Rachel: Travel for me is therapy. I absolutely need and thrive off of new experiences, encounters, and interactions. Travel keeps me humble and grateful. Travel constantly reminds me that my reality is just a mere microcosm.

AshLBH: What was your deciding factor or tipping point to leave your home country?
Rachel: As a child, I have always been quite curious. I have always loved reading books because of all of the places in the world it could take you. I promised myself that I would go see the places I read about when the opportunities presented itself!

AshLBH: What, if any, difficulties did you face that made leaving hard?
Rachel: Leaving a six-figure, Corporate job that provided all of the material comforts and financial stability was a huge barrier to get through!

AshLBH: What and who did you leave behind, and how did they take your leaving?
Rachel: I left my entire ‘old life’ behind. I sold or gave away most of my personal belongings.

As far as people, I believe, as we evolve as humans, people will come and go from your life. But to be honest, I’ve become a better daughter, friend, sister, etc. since leaving, because I have more time and value relationships.

AshLBH: What kind of experiences have you had being location independent?
Rachel: This is a pretty loaded question! I would say the greatest experience is the ability to continually learn about yourself from all angles. Whether it is personal development, leadership characteristics, or changing your mindset.

Visionaries-Liberated Life series Rachel

AshLBH: What has it felt like being location independent?
Rachel: AMAZING! I love being able to create and live by my own accord and desires. However, most people seem to leave out the part where it takes a lot of hard work, determination, and motivation to be Location Independent.

AshLBH: Do you feel like you’ve “made it”? Why or why not?
Rachel: No way. I think that is a temporary ‘feeling’ or emotion. As long as your are constantly setting and crushing goals, you’ll always feel or chase the “[I’ve] made it!” emotion.

AshLBH: What were your business challenges when you first started?
Rachel: Not knowing what to do – at all! Although I went to Business school and have an MBA in Marketing, it is one thing to know the theory of business or entrepreneurship, it is another to actually implement.

And as much as people will tell you, there is not set Blueprint out there on what works for your business every single time.

AshLBH: What are your current business challenges?

Rachel: Challenges change all of the time. But right now, is deciding which direction I would like to pursue in order to scale my business.

AshLBH: What’s your favorite place to travel to?
Rachel: Each country offers different experiences and memories. But if I had to give a Top 5, it would be (in no particular order):

  • South Africa

  • Thailand

  • Curacao

  • Morocco

  • Iceland

What did you get from this chat with Rachel?
Before you go! Living your best life is a gift. If you wish to support Rachel and her contribution to the world, please check out her online course: “How to Book International Trips Under 1K in 1Hr!
Visionaries-Liberated Life series Rachel online course *All photos included of Rachel and her online course are courtesy of Rachel.

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