Holistic Coaching Solutions

Corporate Coaching

  • Lawmakers across the country are declaring racism a public health crisis.
  • There’s no current infrastructure in place to support Black Americans as we navigate daily responsibilities through the lens of systemic racism.
  • Companies invested in the wellness of their Black employees can contribute a critial part in changing this narrative.

Help your employees grow within the company.

As Black people with various work experiences to draw from, our team of coaches are specially equipped to address life, business, financial, and spiritual, and nutrition/fitness areas to holistically support your Black employees.

Through coaching, give your employees the needed tools to fully embody their current roles. And as positions become available in your company, instead of incurring the time and expense of searching for an external candidate, you’ll be better positioned to hire from within.

We offer the support you need to increase your employees soft skills:

  • Communication skills
  • A healthy, flexible mindset
  • Leadership, teamwork, and work ethic 
  • Crystal clear goal setting
  • Accountability to achieve goals
  • Increased focusclaritymotivation, and  perspective
  • More self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Improved critical thinkingdecision-making, and problem solving

We help your employees apply these skills in their personal life, career, finances, spiritual, and nutrition/fitness. As coaches with these specializations, we’re committed to helping employees clarify, take action, and move forward towards fulfilling their potential to perform at their peak. 

With consistent access to effective, quality coaching, imagine being able to retain and grow top talent, even those who were formerly under-performing. And with virtual sessions, coaching is even more accessible to those who need it.

We tailor our solutions to fit most budgets and offer:

  • Video and voice calls for individual sessions, scheduled for your convenience
  • Actionable follow-ups emailed after each session
  • Continuing email support within 24 hours

Interested in cultivating more productive employees? Get in touch to discuss your specific needs, we’ll provide a quote, and start the process of onboarding so the humans in your company can get the assistance they need.

Are you also interested in supporting non-Black management and employees with anti-racism training? We can help with that too.

Individual Coaching

Step up to that next level through coaching! We help you access more of your greatest asset, yourself!

A coach helps you to see the blindspots in your journey, and keeps you accountable to growing in the areas you determine to be most important. Our process involves helping you to clarify, take action, and move forward towards fulfilling your potential.

Where do you need help? Our team of remote coaches helps you to work through life, career, finances, spiritual, and nutrition/fitness areas to support you in feeling whole and living your best life.