Growing Your Meditation Practice While Traveling

Travel with Soul-Growing Your Meditation Practice

I had a semi regular meditation practice before leaving the United States. That was before I better understood how to create habits that are based on more than just will power.

I set myself up for success by:
1. Deciding that I’m going to meditate regularly (for me that’s at least once, but optimally twice a day),
2. Choosing a specific place to meditate wherever I’m staying,
3. Using specific times of the day as triggers for when to meditate, and
4. Then actually meditate

I wrote about my travel routine here. And this has been working really well for me. I had previously been feeling a serious drag to make myself do stuff before becoming more intentional about my day. By making the decision for myself that meditating is something I truly want, and not just something that’s “good for me,” there’s no longer a question about if I’m going to do it. Just when/where. When deciding before hand, “This is where I’m going to meditate,” it helps you to have one less decision to make when it comes time to do it. And according to the schedule I made for myself, my trigger to meditate comes after I drink water first thing in the morning. Then my evening trigger is right before I get ready to go to bed.

So by preloading my decisions, I’m able to just put my routine on autopilot and be present for more of my day.

What Do I use to Meditate?
I’ve done silent meditations. And I’ve tried a couple of guided meditations as well. Headspace is an app geared toward those trying to create a meditation practice who may not have much experience. I really enjoyed the flow of that app. I’ve been listening to Tara Brach‘s meditations, reflections, and talks for a while now. I’m a huge fan. Listening to her feels like a solid three steps back from the fast pace of my mind. I’m able to gain perspective and grow more into the compassionate, loving person I am.

Have you been able to make meditation apart of your daily flow? What’s helped you succeed or what obstacles do you experience?

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