My Travel Routine

Travel with Soul-My Travel RoutineAs much as I’m addicted to change. I need a little self administered structure to keep myself balanced and present for my travels.

I’m experimenting with harnessing my most productive times, with the things that take more concentration and effort. Then I balance in the parts of my day that are automatic and take no willpower or thought. So here goes my travel routine!

  1. Wake up and drink two glasses of water.
  2. Meditate.
  3. Head out for a 15 min walk.
  4. Another two glasses of water and breakfast.
  5. Get to work-I usually use this time to write for how ever long I can coerce the creativity. And I love tea, so I’ll have a cup or five while working. (The afternoon blahs hit me sometime in here as well so then . .)*
  6. A longer, fast paced walk of at least half and hour or an hour.
  7. Another two glasses of water and stretch, yoga, or a resistance band work, out depending on how long I walked.
  8. Back to work-I use this time to edit photos, video, and/or write more. And of course more tea.
  9. I feel mad accomplished at this point and will sometimes go for extra points and do my website stuff, budget stuff (with a glass of red wine), travel logistic stuff (another glass of red), or other day to day things that need to be handled. I usually only eat twice a day, so I’ll snack somewhere in the middle and then have Linner (lunch/dinner) a bit later.
  10. A bit of time to trick off.
  11. Evening meditation.
  12. Sleepy time!

After playing around with different (free) apps to track my daily tasks/habits, I’ve settled on Stride App. It lets you track ten habits or project goals. It keeps track of your how many days you’ve been on a roll for each task. You also get to set specific parameters for how you individually track each. It helps me to see what I’m missing that’s important to me and schedule it. I’m able to see if I can hit it more times than not.

I also play A LOT of music to help zone me in. Or sometimes I like to put myself in a creative mood by playing comedy in the background.

*Update: After trying this routine out for a week, I’m not experiencing the afternoons blahs anymore. I’m producing more work that matters to me and am excited to start my days. Well, you know. Most mornings (:

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