Embracing Fear, Like Kanye

Self-Love & Self-Care-Embrace Fear Like Kanye

It’s an act of self love for you to do what your heart is breaking inside for you to do. By no means is it easy to do. But what’s the alternative? Wasting away in fake normalcy. Going to your day job, collecting your funds every couple weeks. Friday nights drinking with friends and waiting for the next check to come. Which is fine if you’re living an examined life. Otherwise, I believe we are here to contribute a special part of ourselves. Tweet This Something only you can do.

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You Have the Right to Be

Heal-You Are a Beautiful Swan

You have the right to exist just as you are. Tweet This Self-acceptance is an important part of self-love and self-care. We’re surrounded by messages that could make you feel like you’re not enough. Sometimes those messages come from inside you by way of comparing yourself to others, your old self, or the person you’re working to be. So whether you wear makeup or not. A funky retro style or jeans and a t-shirt. Accessories or not an extra, outside of you, anything. You have a right to exist with your emotional scars. Your stretch marks. Your lisp. The gap in your teeth. Your bright personality. And yes, your curves, for the love of all things living.

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