Embracing Fear, Like Kanye

Self-Love & Self-Care-Embrace Fear Like Kanye

It’s an act of self love for you to do what your heart is breaking inside for you to do. By no means is it easy to do. But what’s the alternative? Wasting away in fake normalcy. Going to your day job, collecting your funds every couple weeks. Friday nights drinking with friends and waiting for the next check to come. Which is fine if you’re living an examined life. Otherwise, I believe we are here to contribute a special part of ourselves. Tweet This Something only you can do.

You have to unstick yourself. You have it within you to do more. Look at what scares you. And it doesn’t matter that it scares you and maybe not someone else. Check your self talk. Look at that thing that scares you and dream up (1) the worst that could happen. But don’t stop there. Then think about (2) the best possible outcome. Now if the worst and the best don’t usually happen in everyday life, you’d experience something in the middle. And that HAS to be better than you living a programmed, predictable life.

Self-Love & Self-Care-Celloist Embracing Fear

How much courage did it take this man to haul around his bass violin to play for passersby in a foot tunnel?

Sometimes the fear is that you’ll look stupid, people won’t like you, or you’re not good enough. If you can get to the heart of your fear, why you’re scared in the first place, you can become aware of your thoughts. You can intercept the thinking that makes you feel like you deserve less than your dreams. Tweet This Honor the fear inside of you and address it. Being courageous is a practice. Do as much as you can, when you can. But keep trying to reach your potential.

Get a little Kanye with it. No seriously, hear me out. In my humble opinion, Kanye sees, and has seen something more for himself. More than just a producer, more than just a rapper. He doesn’t settle or get comfortable with the titles that other people put on him. Either he naturally wants more, or he pushes himself to want and do more, regardless of what others say about him. It seems like he had a good family support system. He’s talks about his mom and grandmother encouraging him. But sometimes we’re all not fortunate enough to have that and we have to be our own motivators.

Encourage yourself. Tell yourself that the past you doesn’t have to be the present you. Forgive yourself, accept and love yourself, and take a step today towards your true self.

What step towards yourself will you take today?

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