Love Letters


I’m a big fan of writing love letters to yourself. Passionate, brutally honest, tear jerking love letters.

You have an opportunity to, in a physical manner, work out issues floating around in your head. You can be still and make yourself aware of your limiting self-beliefs. You can question and uplift yourself. You can put a voice to the feeling roaming around in you doing all sorts of harm. That feeling is roaming because you forgot to watch your thoughts, and let an untrue passing thought, become a real feeling. Tweet This

An Old Journal

Love letters are your vulnerable moments of truth with self. Tweet This Tell yourself the truth. That you don’t know the future. That you aren’t your past. That you’re doing the best you can right now. The truth about you not being your actions. To remind yourself of the things you do well. To practice gratitude.

Love letters are a direct avenue to build with yourself more than you build with others. Don’t let your relationships with others stop your personal development. Create space for yourself and honor that space. Study yourself like your life depends on it. Because it does.

What do you need to tell yourself in a love letter right now?

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