You Have the Right to Be

Heal-You Are a Beautiful Swan

You have the right to exist just as you are. Tweet This Self-acceptance is an important part of self-love and self-care. We’re surrounded by messages that could make you feel like you’re not enough. Sometimes those messages come from inside you by way of comparing yourself to others, your old self, or the person you’re working to be. So whether you wear makeup or not. A funky retro style or jeans and a t-shirt. Accessories or not an extra, outside of you, anything. You have a right to exist with your emotional scars. Your stretch marks. Your lisp. The gap in your teeth. Your bright personality. And yes, your curves, for the love of all things living.

Fitting into a concept that’s just not you is heavy business. The moment you drop all that stuff that’s not yours: the internal pressures from yourself, society, friends, and family, you’ll lift yourself ten fold to a more joyful being. You are something much bigger than any of those folks could have ever dreamed up for you. Bigger than you dared to dream for yourself. Even if you felt at one time that you wanted to fit into a different mold. And yes, even if they have the best intentions for you. It’s your life. You little darling have the privilege and responsibility to define it.

It’s about taking the time to figure out who you are. Once you take a naked look at the reality of who you are, just as you are, and accepting that, you can start the work of living life in a manner that’s more conducive to this person you just welcomed into being. I don’t mean to make the work itself sound simple. The way to self-acceptance can be a simple practice of right now, allowing what is there, to be there. Tweet This Knowing that it’s ok for what’s there to be there. The person you are working to accept *needs* you to acknowledge their existence. It’s the person who’s been there the whole time, waiting for you to see them. The person who needs nurturing and healing.

And listen, you can love who’s there, even if you intend on changing a few things around. You need love in the meantime.

Here are some questions to get you started:
What parts of myself do I find hard to accept?
Why is it hard for me to accept those parts?
What can I do in my daily life to accept and honor myself in my entirety more?
Am I surrounding myself with people who love and accept me in a way that feels affirming to me?
What’s my quality of self-talk? Do I speak to myself unlovingly?

Are you bold enough to look into yourself? Will you start the work today?

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