What’s Stopping You?

Visionaries-What's Stopping You?

There can be a lot in the way of your having the life you’ve always wanted.

The reality is that everyone has their own stuff. So while it may seem like a lot for you particularly, everyone has different challenges to overcome when it comes to living a fulfilled life. Tweet This Those challenges are not always plain to see. And for whatever reason, you may believe that someone else’s lot is an easier path than yours.

You’re not alone in your journey to find your voice. The work to find your heartbeat in life and wake up to connect to it all over again. Which is great news right?!

It comes down to your mindset. A wonderful friend of mine said that “Transition is no one’s bitch.” Transition is gruesome. Uncomfortable is the sweet and soft way to describe it. It’s gut wrenching because it’s life changing. We yearn for the change and sometimes resent the process we have to go through for change.Tweet This We uncover the things we’ve been holding onto all this time. The crutches and bad habits. And the startling realization that we’re not perfect. We also find our strength and if truly daring, our courage. We realize that it’s time to part ways with that stuff because it can’t come with us to this new life. They’re not needed. And it’s too heavy anyway. And that can be extremely painful.

This I know: you’re strong enough to make the needed changes. You’re brave enough to make your decision for more or different and see it through choice by choice. Day by day. Strong enough when you’re high off of the results from doing what your intuition cries out for. And also when it feels like you’re being stripped of everything you knew to be consoling. A new you is emerging. A new expression. And that my love, is your practice and process.

Your daily commitment to yourself and your process will yield the highest rewards. And what better gift to give yourself and those who know and love you than the highest version of yourself.

What needs to be done in your personal work today? What can you check off on your to-do list? What goal can you break down to doable steps on your to-do list today?

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