Tools To Stitch Yourself Together

There are so many tools we have available to stitch our lives back together whole.

From the Inside Out

The thread and needle you use can look like sacred time at the park to reflect. A regular journaling practice. Making time for evening walks. This healing time where you can process events, tune your plan to make sure you’re intentionally creating your days, or take time to dream about the life you want, more often than not comes alone. It comes when you separate yourself from your distractions and sit with yourself to determine what is your truth and what’s a lie; how you feel about what.

From the Outside In

Some seek out another impartial person/s to bare witness for them through therapy, astrology, prayer circles, and other ways people hold space for you/one another. In my experience, friends, while meaning well, are often too filtered by their own experience, priorities, and love for you to be objective enough to lend you their unbiased vision.

Keep Your Tools Sharp; Stay on Your Toes

They are many roads and different ones appeal to us as we change throughout our lives. It’s our duty to not get comfortable and continue to explore alternative ways to access ourselves as we change.

I hope that you explore as much as your resources allow. I hope you continue to seek information about yourself from yourself first, and from others when necessary. I hope you’re open about your interpretation of yourself. After all, forming an idea isn’t always a concrete result, neither does one answer stand the test of time. Give yourself room to grow and change. And as always, trust your intuition.

May the many paths you explore all lead to the same place: self-actualization and a truth you can work from. May they give you a working peace of mind and never get dusty as you use them to cope with daily life and deeper traumas. Don’t sweat the technique. It’s most important that the path/s you choose lead to you.

What ways do you currently use to connect with yourself?

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