Talent Vs. An Oversaturated Market

“It’s an oversaturated market. I could never compete.” I know you don’t want to believe this because the odds haven’t been in your favor, but you can do it. I’m not sure exactly what you want to do. But I know that doing most stuff comes at a hefty price. Maybe you haven’t started the work, maybe you started and “failed.” No doubt about it, it’s hard. All of it. There’s a lot to overcome before you even get to the store to buy paint to brush that first stroke on the canvas.
But listen kiddo. Because more than likely I’m actually talking to a younger, hurt version of yourself. Whoever told you you weren’t good enough can eat it. You are. And if you’ve tried and the work doesn’t reflect your artistic taste, you owe it to yourself to keep doing the work until you are beyond proud. Which, might never actually happen because that’s the catch 22 with some work. Art is never finished or whatever and we believe it could always be better. But anyway, that’s why they call it life’s work-you’re probably going to be at it for a while. So might as well push yourself to create the best you can from where you are now. Tell that lil kid inside you the truth: You’re loved and people somewhere are going to shit their pants when they get to experience your work.
You deserve the space to create. You have inclinations no one else has. You have the perspective and eye for detail that no one else has. Literally no one. I love how people try to throw an oversaturated market in creatives faces. And glibly throw around over saturation as reasons for you to go home, pack it up, and curl into a ball. Whatever it is, I promise you, it does not exist in the world exactly as you would create it. You are worthy of the opportunity to express the thing you live for. Make it a hobby, share your craft with a few people. It doesn’t have to be a global business. And if you want it global, do that shit. Of course not I’m not trying to gloss over the work it takes to get your stuff in front of people. That can be as hard if not harder than your creative process. Connecting with your fans is part of the work.
I just hope you do something. There’s a dope world swirling around inside of you that is going to profoundly resonate with another human being. There’s a joy attached to sharing that thing inside you that you’re worthy of experiencing.

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