Facts & Figures: January Travel Budget Breakdown

Travel with Soul-Medmenham, England Adventures. Facts & Figures: January Travel Budget

Key to my travel budget breakdowns:
For accommodation, I’m housesitting so may not have a housing cost. If I pay, I may do a combination of hotel points and cash, or I use Airbnb. Accommodation can easily be your largest expense whether at home or on the road.  
Transportation includes buses, flights, gas for the odd car I may have access to, and in Asia, I’ve rented a motorbike before.
Groceries-I’m a vegetarian, so obvs no meat purchases are included. I’m mostly plant based, often buy protein powder, and sometimes buy meat alternatives. I also try to lay off the carbs. I pretty much buy the same stuff where possible. I also seek out budget grocers and farmer’s markets from country to country.
Miscellaneous is anything I have to go to a separate or specialty shop for, like hair or skincare products.
Business expenses are whatever I pay monthly for this site. I prepaid for much of it before I left the States.
Cash-I’m still actively using a points earning credit card where possible, but in some cases cash is needed to buy food or transportation usually.

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Why I Travel with a Menstrual Cup

Travel with Soul-Why I Travel with a Menstrual Cup

*Enter Adult Conversation*

I’m a tampon kind of lady. Well, I was until I read up on menstrual cups. Not sure how I came across them, but somewhere in my prep to be an international lady of leisure, I heard about them. When I’d gone to El Salvador and Jamaica back in 2010, I’d just packed a ton of multipack tampons. This time around, I don’t have that kind of space in my pack. So I went to my friend YouTube to see how women were responding to the cups and what brands were out and so forth.

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