My Why-A Story About Intuition and Coaching

My intuition told me at a young age that I needed to get good grades so that I could leave my small town in Southern Illinois. I wasn’t thinking about what I would do once I left. I just understood that small town-the people and the life there, weren’t for me. So I did what I needed to do to leave. Another time I’ve followed my intuition, was when it told me to leave Atlanta. Twice. Each time I’ve followed that voice inside, I’ve *lived*. I mainly in pursuit of being obedient to my intuition’s guidance. I’ve had to figure out everything to get from point A to B, including what point B was. But I’ve always had help, and I’ve never gone without.
We don’t listen enough to ourselves. And intuition speaks to all of us. There are a million legitimate barriers to hearing that voice inside us. My only saving grace was understanding that I’m different from others, absorbing the art I consumed, and spending a lot of time alone in my life. What has been your saving grace?
People more often than not feign confusion about hearing their intuition. As though we could be disconnected from intuition. Imagine being so scared to be yourself, you honestly pretend to not know her. 
That’s why I decided to become a professional life coach and get better at a craft I’ve always been good at: seeing people. Or perhaps more to the point, past people’s bullshit. Past the lies people tell themselves. I work to get better at my abilities and give people the gift of themselves. I’ve been in therapy before to help me heal from the death of close loved ones. I’ve tried to have heart-to-heart conversations with friends about life’s challenges and the things important to me. I never found that anyone could actually help me cut through the fog I was creating. There are several reasons for that. Because of my experiences, I decided to be that person. Coaching for me is about more than active listening and holding space. People also enjoy my coaching style that includes personalized attention and objectivity to help you live your best life.
My Why has everything to do with facilitating your connection to the self that’s always been there, and wants to be lived more intentionally. Possession of self allows you to continually transcend the many difficulties life presents: racism, sexism, ableism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, patriarchy, classism, capitalism, and the white supremacist society that hits some of us in several ways. Because it’s downright hard to intimately know how the system is stacked against you, and continue to do your work anyway. Self-knowledge, self-love, self-care, self-actualization, are all at the center of resistance. What an impact you’re able to make in your own life, and those near you, when you’ve done your self work.
I’ve chosen to be a coach. It’s my responsibility and contribution to creating change in the world. Helping others as a coach is as process I care deeply about. It’s transformational, truly. And from my perspective, it’s the seed of everything good. I hope you too seek the best expression of yourself. I hope it’s work you never put down.
Allow me to help you. Book a free half-hour Clarity Session with me today where I can learn more about you, you can learn about what I specifically do, and let’s see if we’re a good match for one another. Booking a Clarity Session doesn’t guarantee that we’ll work together.

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