Sometimes, You Need a Boost as You Reach for Your Life Vision

Even if you practice being present, meditate regularly, and floss daily, sometimes, affirmation outside of yourself helps confirm the work you do to reach your life vision.
That affirmation probably isn’t going to come from a partner, friend, or family member. We tend to not believe those closest to ourselves, because we think they have the long game in mind when complimenting us. This kind of path affirmation can come from those who do energy work, tarot card readings, or a life coach. Someone who’s professional opinion you trust. Someone you perceive to be unbiased about your life vision.
We all need it from time to time. It’s dope to be a foot soldier taking action in harmony with your best self daily. But being human and constantly balancing the chaos the mind can create, takes its’ toll. We seek reassurance. To be comforted. To feel like as we endeavor to enjoy the process and watch our dream worlds manifest, we’re doing the right things.
But beware. Its dangerous to rely on the opinions of others too much. If you’re tuned into your heart and are taking actions towards realizing what you find there, you have to trust that you’re crafting a life you want to live in. No one else has the power to speak over you what you will for yourself.
So continue to be self-aware. Continue to do your heart work. If someone you trust comes across your path, hear them out. Then get back to work. Remember to define yourself and you’ll always live your best life.

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