Get Specific, Stay Specific

Have you ever been on a good jag? You got down in the details and were specific about the life you want. You’re eating right, exercising, on top of your finances, applying for a new position, things are going really well, and you stop. And you can’t seem to get back to right.

Say whaaatttt????!!!!

You’ve lost touch with why you’re doing what you’re doing.
We all do it. We get caught up in the pace of life and forget to do the things that make us feel alive. We allow excuses (even valid ones) to exist next to our goals and everyone knows excuses > goals. But excuses don’t live here anymore. Reconnect with why you started in the first place.
So when you remember your why, how do you get back on track? It starts with a decision. “No matter what, I will make time to x, y, z in my day tomorrow.” And it unfolds one day at a time. Address your feelings. Drop the self-judgement, the paralyzing shame or guilt, forgive yourself, and move on so that you can do the work. Be careful not to sweep your feelings under the rug. They’re still there, after all, and can do some serious damage if not properly processed. Toe that line of acknowledging the ocean while not being swept out to sea.
Maybe the long-term execution of your desires is what put you off. Try rearranging your schedule. Maybe you need to spend some time reassessing or readjusting your goals/expectations. Examine what was working before and adjust as needed. Trust your intuition.
Your life is waiting for you with a warm embrace on the other side of this lull.

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