Don’t Tie Yourself to the Outcome

Visionaries-Don't Be Tied to the Outcome
Things don’t always work out the way you think they should. The movie doesn’t always end with a pretty, red bow. Someone you researched and see an opportunity to collaborate with doesn’t email you back. Whatever the situation you predicted. Whatever outcome you thought would be perfect. It may not work out. That doesn’t mean that you won’t reach your goal(s). If you trust your process, you *know* that no matter what you planned, through your constant actions, you’re putting yourself in a position to get what you want. Tweet This The path will wind in ways you never would have thought to take. But you have to be willing to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

The sooner you let go and make space for what is, the freer your options become to let life flow. It’s the difference between being trapped in a room in a house, versus letting yourself out of that room and house, to explore a new neighborhood or nearby town. That means not being tied to the *outcome* of your actions. Get out of your head and get into your body and the moment of life you’re living. Develop a gut that can withstand the twists and turns. You may not like the uncertainty, but can you cope with it? Be persistent, be clear, know you’re worthy to grow your gift, and take action.

 The big secret is that no one knows anything. Seriously. There are subject matter experts, but there’s not another person that is an expert on your life and path. No one can keep you from your greatness. It lives inside you and it wants out. You can be selfish or afraid and keep it to yourself. Or you can figure out a way to share it with the world that needs it. Hint: There’s always a way. Your work is to figure it out.

 How many ideas can you brainstorm right now to move your vision forward?
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