Connecting with Your Craft

Visionaries-Connect with Your Craft

This desire to do something with your talent is perfect. The world, society, and your own fear are going to make it difficult for you to manifest it. Trust your process. Part of that involves acknowledging your talent(s) in the first place. The things you love doing, the skills you easily pick up, the hobbies you work hard to perfect. Everyone doesn’t have the patience or make the time to do the things you do. What do you spend your time doing?

Some people swear by trials. Going through adversity could be your education, an experience to grow from. You learn an invaluable lesson down in your bones, for life, if you pay attention.

The process is about honoring that thing that chooses to come through you and not treat it like a burden. Tweet This To not take the fact that you have options for granted. To contribute yourself to society as an example of one who does the work. And perhaps in doing your work, inspire someone else to do their work as well.

What a privilege to be alive and to feel a strong interest in something! For everyone that doesn’t mean being the front man, or even being behind the scenes. That doesn’t mean not making any money from the thing you love. And doesn’t mean you’re to be independently wealthy either. It’s like those books some of us grew up with where you get to choose your own path in the adventure. You have the distinct privilege to create the life you desire now more than ever.

This desire in you is perfect. List out your interests. What tangible steps are you taking today to give your talent life?

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