The Concept of Happy and How You Measure Up

Happy is a bloated concept.
It’s like other buzzwords we use to describe ideas about life: love, success, reasonable, and realistic.
These are words that because of their use have become cliché. In my conversations with people, I have to use more words to clarify what is meant and arrive at a mutual understanding. They’re also personal terms without a one size fits all meaning. Digging beyond the surface answer can reveal some different ideas about how we want to live. We’d all do well to slow down and make sure that those we care about understand our individual translations of these big concept words.
Using your words can be frustrating. It’s tempting to answer something like “Being happy means I can afford to go to the movies whenever I want.” It can be terrifying to be vulnerable in revealing your interpretation of some deeply held and personal values. Or furthermore, not having a clue about your values and pulling at straws can be just as paralyzing. Although it’s difficult, arriving at an answer for yourself and those you love will only bring you more of what you want in your life. Trying to communicate feelings and ideas about the world inside you can be a challenge when words fail you. It takes several conversations, examples, and comparisons to accurately convey information.
So, your ideas about happiness. I have some questions:
What’s your viewpoint on your emotions over the span of time?
Do you perceive that you experience the emotions you want more often than not?
Have you set up practices to help you process and manage your emotions?
Are you intentional about harnessing your emotions to manifest the life you deserve to live?

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