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Black Women Digital Nomads Facebook Group | Asha LBH

I’m so happy to announce a new Facebook group specifically for Black Women Digital Nomads!!

But you’re traveling. You could be Black at home.

Ok, so yes, the point of traveling is to experience different cultures and get a taste of living a different life. And.

When you’re location independent, and traveling long-term, connecting to a community is important. A community that understands the premise of you can help relieve an issue all travelers face; missing the familiar. And further, you may find a bestie in the group that shares your values and personality.

None of my friends understood why I wanted to leave Atlanta, GA and travel long-term. And while traveling, I’ve mostly met English teachers who don’t share my¬†entrepreneurial spirit. Lack of a conducive environment can stunt the determination of those with the strongest of wills. Understanding how you best work and who you’d like in your circle of influence will help speed¬†you towards the success you seek.

What do you talk about in the Black Women Digital Nomads group?

As we grow, we’ll share info about our

  • online businesses,
  • growth hacks,
  • ideas about minimalism,
  • travel hacks, and of course,
  • traveling while Black.

Black Women Digital Nomads Facebook Group | Asha LBH

With a simple click, join the Black Women Digital Nomads group now!

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