Your Authentic Self and Imposter Syndrome

There’s been some talk about authenticity. We spend a lot of time behind technology. Or playing roles around others. These circumstances can obscure and distort the unique spirit living inside you.
Authenticity is who you *actually* are. The person you’ve probably wanted to change at some point. Or you’ve built up prickly walls around them in defiance. Some leave their authentic selves hanging out in the ether, only to accessible in private. Of course who you are is often layered and situational. Regardless, it’s not the overly polite person you present when you’re tired or stressed. Nor is it the straight face you may wear when you’re feeling shy.
It’s personality. It’s the real expression of who you are in the moment. If you’re quirky, dry humored, sharp witted, nerdy, sophisticated. It’s you not putting on a front based on your surroundings. It’s not trying to fit in and gain the approval of those around. It’s *gasp* taking the risk of people liking you, or not.
Authenticity is about being comfortable enough with yourself to share those bits with people. It’s a balance. Sharing discerningly because everyone doesn’t deserve you. Also not dominating the space, while not fading into the background. So there’s a hint of a filter there.

I think we all crave something real when it comes to other people. Sometimes we even crave realness from ourselves but don’t understand how to get there. Understanding who you are and being that person is one of the most rewarding acts of selflove you can engage in. While scary and often a lifelong process, it can also be a relief to be yourself and connect with the people who connect with who you are. It’s refreshing to interact with someone who is themselves. Which tells you how rare realness is.

I believe imposter syndrome is linked with authenticity as well.We don’t fully believe in our own experiences and stories and the work they produce. We don’t get how us being real is a thing that garners attention. Your having the courage to be your real self connects with people in such a serious way. Being real builds careers. So, yes, it’s actually a very big deal that you are daring to be yourself and put yourself out there. It doesn’t necessarily work the other way though. Being real doesn’t guarantee that your audience can find you and humble you through their support. All you can do is keep sharing. And that’s real.

Don’t believe that you can verifiably be anything other than yourself. Don’t leave your loved ones wanting that authentic substance from and connection to you. Being yourself is one of the biggest successes in life you can have. And, why not get comfortable in your own skin, honey? Hopefully you’ll be around for years. Don’t spend them impersonating a mythical person.

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